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President Guaidó, go in peace

By Luis Manuel Aguana

On November 28, just the day before the press conference of former ambassador Humberto Calderón Berti, which marked the before and after the Presidency in Charge of Juan Guaidó, I published a note in which I dedicated myself to the corruption of the interim government, which journalist Manuel Isidro Molina denounced in an interested manner. (see The only way of Juan Guaidó, in, adding myself to the call of the voices of conscience that in Venezuela asked the President in charge to separate himself from all partisan militancy and to exercise a Government with personalities representing Venezuelan civil society recognized for their prestige and honesty. That call was silenced by the explosion the following day of Calderón Berti's declarations.

The interest of the opposition parties to place political cards in a technical company such as Monomeros Colombo-Venezonanos, S.A. reminded me of the permanent struggle that we have maintained for almost 20 years in AC Familiametro (1) for the adaptation of the technical operation of the Caracas Metro, currently managed by members of the regime and not by qualified technicians and executives. Hence the disaster of the operation and maintenance that we are seeing in the former "Great Solution for Caracas".

And that is the seriousness of former ambassador Calderón's denunciation because it shows that these last 20 years have not only not served to teach the Venezuelan political class, which acts as an official opposition, but also to inform us that this is the tone with which the interim government of Juan Guaidó intends to take control of the recovered companies: in the same way as the regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros has done, at the point of political quotas. Bad start. If that is so without being in Miraflores, imagine when you are in power. Juan Guaidó rejected the denunciations and recommendations of oil expert Calderón Berti and disconnected from him, supporting the old partisan quota scheme, in a clear disregard of how things should be handled after the recovery of our country.

I do not wish to enter into the description of corruption revealed by the reports we all know, which have been read and reviewed by the many informative portals and viralized by social networks. I want to go to another aspect that I do think is of interest to Venezuelans and has to do with the interior disposition of the President in charge of recovering the country for the decent people that are the majority. And for that I am going to appeal to the same argument that I used when I wrote to President Chavez when I published a note in 2011, titled "President die in peace". (seee note in Spanish in, where with the utmost respect I asked him to put his affairs in order and to die in peace, for the good of himself and of the country.

And this turns out to be the same case, saving of course the distances. Once the cancer that affected President Chávez was declared, the situation could not be clearer. Less than two years before his effective death, it was already difficult to think that would not happen. All the national and international information of the moment pointed to a fatal outcome of his illness. And I wondered: if he really knows he is going to die, why not do the right thing? Why not amend the course? Why not go down in history by doing what the country needed to save it from something for which it had to know it was responsible? Well, that's what I'm seeing in Juan Guaidó.

The Presidency of Juan Guaidó is sick with cancer, the cancer of corruption. His credibility, especially the international one, is severely compromised. And all the factors involved in that corruption are doing the impossible to hold on to interim power until they manage to close the cohabitation with Maduro at all costs. In fact, that is the concern of the President in charge of firing Humberto Calderón Berti in the ominous manner, even with a badly written letter, because it was impossible to sustain him as ambassador if a corporation like Monomeros was being distributed to corrupt those factors, precisely in front of his nose.

Then apply to Guaidó the same advice I gave to Chávez. President Guaidó: Faced with the inevitability of a certain death of your presidency due to the cancer of corruption, do the right thing and leave the way open to the factors that contribute to correcting the course taken by the corrupt and their own mistakes, mediatizing an administration in favor of those who always worked for their benefit and not for the welfare of the majority. You must remember the reasons that led you to belong to a party whose motto is "For a better Venezuela". And how could there be a "better Venezuela" in the shadow of the most abject influence peddling and corruption sponsored by the political bosses that accompany you?  As a young man, you must make a deep examination of conscience - like the one I asked Hugo Chavez before he died - that results in a balance in favor of the blood of the youth who died in the streets for this to change, putting decency, ethics, morals, honesty, but above all a deep love for Venezuela in front of you.

Personally, I wouldn't have wanted this failure for you, but it's too late. Your Presidency has already failed as a result of the cancer of corruption. Venezuelans can wait no longer. They require an immediate turnaround in the actions of those who lead the opposition struggle, and you know very well that they are completely incapable of taking part in that turnaround and that they must leave. Put yourself above that and step aside, renouncing, in order to actively help, from whatever your future position, that the factors that represent the decency and honorability of this country may emerge and save Venezuela. You know who they are. Renounce, get out of that sea full of manure and go in peace. I assure you - if you really had the values that drive a disinterested political struggle - that this will bring you greater political benefits in the future, in a country where honorability and freedom truly exist.

Caracas, December 6, 2019


(1) The author is founder of AC Familiametro.

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