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The death of a mantra

By Luis Manuel Aguana

No matter how many books try to explain the behavior of Venezuelans, societies in other countries will never understand how convoluted our way of being and acting is. I remember an English teacher of Trinitarian origin who told us a lot that a gringo would never deeply understand our way of communicating, and if Spanish was difficult for them, "Venezuelan" was doubly difficult. We are truly a case study. That's why I wasn't surprised by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's statements about the Venezuelan opposition. For years Americans have been looking for interpreters to understand Venezuelan politicians, without having any success. And judging from what Pompeo said, it seems that they have already thrown in the towel.

For who can, by all the saints, explain that you set a path to "get out of usurpation" and sell it to everyone, and immediately turn around to do something completely opposite and pretend in passing that people buy it from you, especially in countries where rationality is the rule of life? Because let's be clear, the mantra that we all buy, composed of a trilogy of logical sequence, "cessation of usurpation-government of transition-free elections" is only possible to maintain if the expulsion of the regime was effective, not the coexistence with it. In other words, both things are mutually exclusive. Either you take the regime out, or you don't take it out and sleep with it! That's why we buy the mantra! Because it implied that having expelled Maduro and his regime, it would proceed to fix the country through a transitional government that would end up organizing free elections.

So here two opposing things are happening: 1) If the official opposition was convinced that the expulsion of Maduro was not possible in the manner offered, then they deceived us. And 2) if, on the contrary, they were determined to remove it in order to proceed with the mantra, then it cannot be explained why they have sabotaged the application of Constitutional Article 187 # 11 and the international request to honor the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) in all possible ways, an agreement that all countries have in UN that even Venezuela signed in 2005.

According to the demonstrated events of the 23F and 30A, the official opposition was never willing to take Maduro out but to negotiate with his regime, so it is necessary to conclude that the mantra never had any validity, and what it always deprived was an agreement negotiated by elections with the regime, which is what the G4 parties have always wanted since the installation of the National Assembly on January 5, 2016.

However, that absurd oppositional logic that is not understood by anyone abroad, clashes head-on with the reality of Venezuelans, which indicates that for things to change effectively in Venezuela, it is NECESSARY for the regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros to end as soon as possible. What puts us back in the beginning of the whole story. They raised us a route impossible to achieve and now they intend to sell us before the failure of an electoral carnival that offers that things will be better after an election with Maduro and his regime. To another dog with that bone…

That being the case, the Venezuelan is now completely orphaned of exits, and that is being taken advantage of both by the regime and its opposition because they made us all accept what is unacceptable: the continuity of Maduro.

The mantra was born dead and we did not know it. It was not possible to raise it if the interim government of Juan Guaidó was not in a position to request international assistance to evict the regime. They sold us a solution impossible to materialize if they were not willing to go to the end. Hence the European Socialists begin to save the backside Maduro regime intermediating a new dialogue in Oslo but with an opposition in losing position because they were unsuccessful in their attempts of 23F and 30A.

Having deceived us, the official opposition would have to accept the regime's electoral terms. That is why you see Americans changing the hard position they had a few days ago for a soft one now, against the regime. Look carefully at the statements of Elliott Abrams advising the reincorporation of the official deputies to the National Assembly (see in Spanish, Elliott Abrams: Oposición y chavismo son esenciales para una transición en Venezuela, en

What's going on here? That the official opposition with a mediocre political execution in the National Assembly made a mistake in handling this very serious problem and those who supported us to get the regime out of its roots are abandoning us. That's why the G4 parties are getting ready to compete with Maduro's regime for an advance of parliamentary elections as announced by the Bogotá convict a few days ago, because they ran out of ideas to get out of the regime, that's the truth.

Is all the opposition of the National Assembly, including Juan Guaidó, in that play to put the Venezuelan people in the pot? I would like to know. Venezuela would be interested to know. Let them not talk to us about resolving the "cessation of usurpation" with elections. That "cease" does not exist because if it ever lived in someone's mind it died without having been born. Understand that from now on there is no such thing as "cessation of usurpation" because the mantra is dead. If Maduro is usurping the Presidency of the Republic, then it would be wrong for the official opposition to agree to go to any electoral process with a criminal in Miraflores.

The existence of the mantra, as well as the Law of the Statute for the Transition that sustains it, only makes sense if the cause of tyranny is removed from the root: the expulsion of Maduro, his regime and all the invading forces that accompany him. The rest is a miserable deception that will have a very high political cost for those who insist on continuing to defraud the Venezuelan people with electoral mirrors.

Caracas, June 8, 2019


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